Revenue Management System  Revenue & Profit Optimization




Optimize Revenue Based on Total Guest Value

guestrev optimizes room rates to reflect guest’s spend across your entire property

  • Lift revenues by up to 12% by accounting for guest activity across your property, including ancillary spend
  • Go beyond a rules based revenue strategy & benefit from true revenue & profit optimization
  • Ensure availability for your most valuable guests with demand for each segment

Revenue lifts of up to 12%

guestrev® enables hoteliers to better understand demand and set rates that optimize guest room and non-room revenue across various guest segments. Properties using guestrev®  see revenue lifts of up to 12% Don't believe us? Hear what our customers have to say!

The Industry's Most Accurate Demand Forecast

The forecast generated by an RMS should provide a picture of total, unconstrained demand for future dates in order to recommend the best price. To produce the most accurate forecast, guestrev® accounts for things such as:

  • Business Segments
  • Seasonality & Recent Trends
  • Events & Holidays
  • Length of Stay
  • Marketing promotions

Data Science at Its Best

guestrev® helps you go beyond a rules-based revenue strategy. Our system is based in science and not confined by a set of rules. Built as a true revenue and profit optimization solution, guestrev® understands what's going on in your market and at your property, allowing it to react and make the most optimal pricing suggestions accordingly. 

“Rainmaker’s comprehensive demand and revenue forecasts were the basis of our decision to embark on a new $650 million expansion that would nearly double the property’s room count.”

Jeremiah Wiggins Director, Planning & Analysis at Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah's)