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Optimize Revenue Based on Total Guest Value

guestrev optimizes room rates to reflect guest’s spend across your entire property

  • Lift revenues by up to 12% by accounting for guest activity across your property, including ancillary spend
  • Go beyond a rules based revenue strategy & benefit from true revenue & profit optimization
  • Ensure availability for your most valuable guests with demand for each segment

Revenue lifts of up to 12%

guestrev® enables hoteliers to better understand demand and set rates that optimize guest room and non-room revenue across various guest segments. Properties using guestrev®  see revenue lifts of up to 12% Don't believe us? Hear what our customers have to say!

The Industry's Most Accurate Demand Forecast

The forecast generated by an RMS should provide a picture of total, unconstrained demand for future dates in order to recommend the best price. To produce the most accurate forecast, guestrev® accounts for things such as:

  • Business Segments
  • Seasonality & Recent Trends
  • Events & Holidays
  • Length of Stay
  • Marketing promotions

See guestrev® in action in this quick demo!

Data Science at Its Best

guestrev® helps you go beyond a rules-based revenue strategy. Our system is based in science and not confined by a set of rules. Built as a true revenue and profit optimization solution, guestrev® understands what's going on in your market and at your property, allowing it to react and make the most optimal pricing suggestions accordingly. 

“group business is a big part of our business, so being able to understand not just what’s displacing on the transient side but also on the group side will be a huge benefit for our hotels.”

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