The Right Price at the Right Time

Taking the same scientific algorithms that make our transient pricing a success, grouprev® allows you to make optimal pricing recommendations for group business at the click of a button.

  • Be a first responder
  • Have confidence that you're providing the best rate to both win the business and boost profit for your property
  • Align sales and revenue management initiatives
  • Protect transient rate when quoting groups
  • Seamless interface with sales & catering
  • Optimize utilization of all your property’s space including banquet halls & conference rooms



Group Revenue Lifts of 5-8%

A year after implementing grouprev®,  a Miami beach property sees an increase in booked group room nights of 7.6% and a total group revenue lift (including room, F&B and other) of over 5%, resulting in millions of dollars of increased revenue. 

What could you do with a group revenue lift of 5%?

Go Beyond Transient Displacement & MAR

grouprev® helps hoteliers convert more group and meeting business and maximize revenue by optimizing group room rates, maximizing function space revenue and more effectively managing property’s sales & catering calendar.

By looking beyond just transient displacement, grouprev® looks at the total value of each opportunity and compares it to the total forecasted value by looking at both transient and group segments

Simplify Group Revenue Management & Increase Profits

Group is one of the most consistent and profitable segments of most property’s overall business. Get a better understand of how you should be pricing group business and insight into how scientific pricing models can help you do so while maximizing profits in our eBook - Group Revenue Management 2.0 

  • Align sales & revenue management
  • How to yield-manage group business
  • A look beyond MAR

“Group business is a big part of our business, so being able to understand not just what’s displacing on the transient side but receiving an optimal quote is a huge benefit for our hotels.”

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