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Rainmaker LRO® optimization software uses advanced mathematical and statistical modeling to accurately forecast availability and demand at the unit type level, resulting in optimal pricing for both new leases and renewals.

By combining the operational insight of each multifamily owner/operator with the optimization capabilities of LRO, our clients continue to experience improved overall performance and revenue lift. LRO is used to price more than one million units in North America, and in every LRO implementation, positive results have been realized – many times far more significant than expected.

LRO maximizes revenue from day one – balancing between rents, occupancy, and turn-costs while considering market conditions.

Rainmaker LRO is the only product we were able to integrate with our property management software, Rent Manager. We also appreciate the fact that they are the pioneers in this space, have the most market share and have been helping clients maximize their revenue potential for a very long time. Although they have the resources of a large company, Rainmaker offers the personalized service of a much smaller company, which makes them a great partner.

MICHELLE YEAGER-THORNTON Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Champion Real Estate Services

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Fairfield Residential

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Fairfield Residential Company (www.fairfieldresidential.com) is among the largest and most successful multifamily real estate operating companies in the U.S. Privately held, the company provides acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, redevelopment, property management, asset management, and disposition services to clients.

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