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Improve Team Performance

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Drive greater productivity from your leasing team through prescriptive analytics, and let the data power your leasing performance.

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Optimize your leasing team

Leasing professionals are at their best when they’re spending time with prospects and residents, not dealing with data input and unqualified leads. Through task and lead prioritization, we make sure you have the right systems and leasing processes in place to compete with your competitors and deliver the most value to your resident and prospects.

When leasing teams focus on documentation rather than customer interaction, you gain CRM data but lose customer interaction.  Rainmaker ILM collects the data from each prospect interaction (emails, calls), providing a winning combination of accuracy, transparency, and accountability for all management and leasing teams.

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Diagnose your leasing opportunities with prescriptive analytics

Multifamily portfolios cover broad geographies, and the remote and transient nature of leasing teams makes it difficult to track and manage their progress and performance.  To ensure team performance is leading the competition, operators need comprehensive data and analytics.

Users of Rainmaker ILM benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive source of prescriptive leasing analytics.  It pinpoints specific performance issues, making it easy for operators to apply targeted solutions to ensure consistent, high-levels of customer service and sales.  Improvement efforts (e.g. training) can be directed to where they are needed the most - driving better lead qualification and conversion.

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Let call scoring power your leasing performance

Leasing is the lifeblood of the multifamily sales process but you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Traditional metrics can disguise the real issues. To maintain a healthy sales pipeline, operators must have visibility of the entire customer journey, from lead to lease.

Rainmaker ILM is built on the industry’s best leasing data source. By featuring intelligent call scoring metrics, ILM creates unprecedented transparency by gathering data from every prospect interaction - calls, emails, text messages, and scores the quality of those interactions with your leasing team. Your team benefits from objective measures of their performance. Your organization benefits from 360 degree insight into the leasing process across your entire portfolio.

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