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ILM helps multifamily organizations increase revenue by focusing on leasing activities that produce the most value.

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Identify and address issues that are costing you money

At any given property, with any given group of leasing professionals, a variety of different people, process and technology issues can impact performance. What works well in one property may not be working at all in another. 

Traditionally, available data sources have not provided operators with sufficient visibility or control over the leasing process. Rainmaker Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) provides the access companies need by keeping a real-time pulse on leasing processes. It identifies leasing process and performance issues before they surface as lost sales, allowing operators to apply adjustments that improve conversions.

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Provide an alternative to the pricing lever

For more than a decade, revenue management has been a key performance lever for multifamily operators.  The industry has counted enormous benefits from forecasting demand and adjusting prices to reflect projected demand conditions.  It has become the central pillar of managing performance in an ever-changing industry.

Today’s savvy operators are taking analytics further than ever before.  Rather than relying on price as the only lever when demand conditions change, the prescriptive analytics offered by Rainmaker ILM provide a new dimension.  Predicted shortfalls in demand - for example - can be addressed by multiple levers: advertising, marketing, leasing effectiveness, as well as price.

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Identify performance issues before they become issues

By collecting all of the information (rather than just a subset) and scoring all prospect interactions (so you know how well they are being executed), you can make predictions on your future demand and how best to capitalize on your opportunity.

This process - embodied by Rainmaker ILM - is helping operators to correct demand issues before they become issues. By measuring new performance indicators that other leasing effectiveness platforms don’t gauge, Rainmaker ILM allows more proactive management and fewer surprises, ensuring optimized revenue at every turn.

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