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Compete more effectively for new residents, improve returns on your marketing investment and take the guesswork out of leasing effectiveness.

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Compete more effectively for your new residents

Today’s apartment search tools put more information at your customers’ fingertips than ever before, causing multifamily operators to step up their marketing game. Are your competitors reaching potential renters more effectively than you are? To answer this question you need the data and analytics from Rainmaker’s Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) to ensure you are leading the competition.   

ILM provides a comprehensive source of leasing data and delivers the smart, intuitive analytics to make it easier for you to make the right marketing and leasing decisions.  The more you know about your leads, the greater success you will have converting them into happy residents. Your competition isn’t settling, why should you?

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Improve the returns from your marketing budget

Not all leads nor all marketing channels are created equal.  Different channels can deliver quite different results for different floor plans, or for different time periods.  The question is: How can we use our marketing budget in the most competitive and valuable way possible?

When operators see potential vacancies, they are specific, e.g. by floorplan, by unit type, community location, etc.  Yet the way that communities “buy” leads tends to be anything but.  Rainmaker’s Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) puts all of your lead data in one place, making it easy to identify the channels that are the likeliest to deliver the residents that your community needs.  It makes your marketing decisions smarter.


Take the guesswork out of leasing effectiveness

Multifamily is a people business.  Personal touch plays a huge part in converting your prospects into residents.  Rapport, relationships, and customer service are indispensable success factors, and they can always be improved.  The winning leasing process uses data to enhance personal interactions, systematically tracking engagement with prospects and identifying improvement opportunities.

The multifamily industry used to set prices with more emotion and less discipline because it lacked the data and processes to set prices in line with the forces of supply and demand.  Since the arrival of Rainmaker LRO, revenue management takes the gut feeling and guesswork out of pricing.  Now Rainmaker’s Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) has introduced the data and the discipline that are taking leasing to the next level.

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