grouprev® can improve group room revenue by 8% or more and deal conversions by 11% or more.

Group business can represent up to 40% or more of revenue potential for hotels and casinos. grouprev® is an innovative group pricing solution designed to give group sales managers, directors of revenue management (DORMs) and other key revenue-responsible stakeholders the necessary tools to maximize group’s tremendous potential by driving conversion rates and increasing group revenues.

After researching several options in the revenue management systems market, we selected Rainmaker because we found their staff to be the most professional and experienced, and their system to be a dynamic tool that will help exponentially grow our hotel and group business.

LYRA HYNIE Director of Revenue Management, The New Tropicana Las Vegas

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Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort

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Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is a 1,100 room success story in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The property is a popular drive-to destination for markets that include Atlanta, Asheville, Charlotte, Knoxville and Winston-Salem.

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February 23, 2017
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