Go beyond a rules based system - Learn how!

When hoteliers can capture ancillary guest spend, as opposed to just room revenue, a clearer picture of the guest’s total value is developed.  With this, hoteliers can accurately forecast demand and set rates that optimize guest room and ancillary revenue across various segments, adding more profit to the bottom line. Become empowered to strategically align sales, marketing and revenue management efforts to increase bookings, optimize revenue and drive higher profit margin.

Built on Rainmaker’s total guest valuation (TGV) methodology, guestrev goes beyond a rules-based revenue strategy by applying scientific algorithms and data analytics to maximize the profitability of each customer.

Rainmaker’s guestrev® enables revenue managers to identify their best guest. This knowledge is then leveraged to put the right customer in the right room at the right price by understanding the optimal business mix.

guestrev is the hotel industry's most accurate demand forecast, see it for yourself, fill out the form to the right to request a demo. 



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