Multifamily Housing Product Suite

For the multifamily housing industry, the key to revenue growth is accurate demand forecasting and optimal rent setting to minimize vacancy loss and maximize revenue. This is what revenue management software does. Rainmaker has the most diverse experience with revenue management and demand forecasting, providing comprehensive solutions that deliver proven results and exceptional value — solutions consisting of software, implementation, application training and support, and associated business consulting services.

Rainmaker LRO® (Lease Rent Options) enables multifamily housing operators to most effectively optimize rates and maximize revenue from apartment leases. LRO is used to price more than one million units in North America, and in every LRO implementation, positive results have been realized – many times far more significant than expected. LRO maximizes revenue from day one – balancing between rents, occupancy, and turn-costs while considering market conditions. The effectiveness of the Rainmaker LRO system is not only evident in the actual revenue lift realized, LRO is the only multifamily revenue management application whose results have also been held up and independently validated by two industry leading management consulting firms.

Rainmaker's LRO Budget™ application leverages a more robust, scientific, analytical approach to budgeting and demand forecasting. By integrating directly with your property management software and the LRO revenue management system, LRO Budget delivers a mathematical sophistication and greater accuracy to forecasting to help owners/operators significantly streamline the budgeting process.

Rainmaker consistently researches and conducts real-world testing of cutting-edge revenue management approaches and has well-defined product roadmaps to continually help customers improve results. Also deeply committed to the industry, Rainmaker proudly supports the following national associations, as well as many regional and state associatons.

  • NMHC (National Multi Housing Council) Board of Directors and Advisory Committee member, as well as Friends of the Council sponsor
  • NAA (National Apartment Association) National Supplier Council member


Rainmaker employs a team of experts with deep experience in revenue management and the multifamily housing industry. All customers benefit from their tactical and strategic expertise and their invaluable training and guidance offered during and beyond implementation.

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Rainmaker has broad experience successfully implementing LRO across many types of multifamily housing companies and properties to ensure a seamless integration with existing property management systems and quick delivery of positive results.

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Case Studies

Want to know how the Rainmaker LRO revenue management software solution has worked for just a few of our customers? We don't expect you to take our word for it, hear it directly from them!

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