The award winning, industry-leading Profit Optimization application based on Total Guest Value

Accurate Forecasts & Optimal Results

Rainmaker’s industry-leading GuestREV® profit optimization solution for gaming and hospitality is built upon proven forecasting and optimization algorithms which result in the most accurate forecasts and optimal pricing. Multiple forecasting methods are employed to ensure the highest accuracy for different types of demand, and demand uncertainty is factored into each forecast. Rainmaker’s profit optimization algorithms factor in not just revenues but also costs, resulting in both top and bottom-line growth and rapid ROI after implementation.

Users are respected and have visibility into the components of their property’s forecast so that they can understand how the system arrived at its results. Demand and booking patterns can be viewed for each distinct customer segment, and easily compared to last year or last week. Users gain not only these benefits, but the confidence knowing that Rainmaker is consistently researching and conducting real-world testing of cutting-edge revenue management approaches.

Pricing Confidence

Rainmaker’s system factors Total Guest Value into the optimization process. Total Guest Value includes room revenue, as well as potential revenue from gaming, food and beverage, spa, and other profit centers in the organization. The GuestREV® solution has included this strategic advantage since inception, and it has been refined and enhanced through hundreds of implementations across a variety of clients. This key feature ensures that rates are developed keeping in mind not just a guest’s hotel room revenue, but the total profitability of each guest segment.

The intuitive user interface of the GuestREV® system helps users immediately identify both need dates and dates where the opportunity to yield rates exist. This allows users to make quick and confident decisions around promotions, marketing, and yielding.

Knowing how pricing compares to the competition, and having the option to seamlessly and dynamically factor market rates into rate recommendations, allows Rainmaker clients to focus their energies on practices and analyses yielding the highest returns.

Control to Ensure Optimal Results

Users have the ultimate control over the GuestREV® system and its yielding decisions. The system is unique in the degree to which it can be tailored to each client and individual property. Corporate and regional leaders also have the ability to ensure the integrity of their configuration decisions.

As business conditions change, so can configurations or influences on the forecast – users can also perform what-if analyses using Rainmaker’s unique Pathfinder tool – to ensure their configurations are resulting in the highest possible returns.

Professional Guidence

Rainmaker professionals will guide clients to ensure that they are prepared for a Revenue Management (RM) system. Consultants will work with properties to build a stronger RM culture and practice through Rainmaker’s Revenue Management Best Practices consulting process. Our consultants have decades of RM experience and industry knowledge.

Clients can request custom consulting to address unique needs or guidance with pressing revenue management strategy decisions such as: rate elasticity, cannibalization, group pricing, wholesale strategy, etc.

Users will receive both proactive and reactive support from the Rainmaker team – they will feel secure in knowing that expert guidance is just a phone call away.

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Ownership of Data & Decisions

Clients have true ownership over their decisions and the data which drives them. In addition to control over configurations and settings in the system, clients have the ability to manipulate and quickly view the data behind and results from the GuestREV® system. All data tables and graphic displays can be immediately exported to Excel with a single click. Users can also generate both scheduled and ad-hoc reports which are pre-built in the system, but allow customizable parameters.

True ownership of data is furthered through Rainmaker’s unique RevExport tool. This tool exports both recommendations and the underlying data to a client’s own decision support tools, such as a data warehouse, where clients can then integrate this data with other systems and/or build additional custom reports.

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