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The Rainmaker Group and EZYield.com Launch Interface for Automated Distribution of Optimized Room Rates

Author: Rainmaker Team

Rainmaker - EZYield.com Interface Increases Revenue Across Multiple Reservation Channels

ATLANTA, GA - December 1, 2010 - The Rainmaker Group, a world leader in automated profit optimization software and services for the hospitality industry, announced today a new level of efficiency and revenue attainment with optimized room rate distribution to multiple reservation channels. Rainmaker developed and successfully deployed an interface with EZYield.com that gives hotel operators the flexibility to use Rainmaker's revenue management solution to optimize room rates, then seamlessly update them across more than 500 channels through EZYield.com. The Rainmaker - EZYield.com interface is currently utilized by the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Automated distribution maximizes operator revenue

Rainmaker's interface with EZYield.com frees hotel operators of the time-consuming manual task of inputting updated optimized room rates across third-party online travel agencies (OTAs), said Tammy Farley, a Rainmaker Group principal. EZYield.com developed a streamlined process that makes it possible to distribute Rainmaker's optimized rates in multi-channel batches. Together, our companies automated this important distribution process that maximizes revenue for operators.

Rainmaker's software calculates optimum maximum room rates for 13 months into the future using a comprehensive balance of factors that include accurate demand trend forecasts, historical dynamics, and local and property events. These rate changes now flow seamlessly to EZYield.com, activating channel management logic to make the timely updates to all OTA channels at one time. The two products together enable hoteliers to make frequent rate changes that match fluctuating demand to maximize revenue without additional manual input, says Farley. Management can focus on the ultimate goal: executing a rate strategy effectively and efficiently.

EZYield.com's cloud-based platform makes channel management both quick and convenient, allowing hoteliers to make adjustments to inventory allotment and rates in near real-time with just a few clicks. "Optimizing room rates is crucial to hotel revenue management, but it's only half the battlethe rates still need to be distributed to oftentimes dozens of channels, each with their own complex uploading processes," says Jennifer Ranno, EZYield's vice president of global sales and marketing. With our new direct connection, Rainmaker users can be assured the rate recommendations are seamlessly distributed and properly displayed to the various OTAs for sale.

The Rainmaker Group provides revenue optimization services to companies that include Wynn Las Vegas, MGM Resorts, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Harrah's Entertainment, Omni Hotels, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, and other leading hotel companies.

Rainmaker's solution enables casinos to:

  • Accurately forecast guest value to all areas of a casino enterprise
  • Leverage cyclical patterns to optimize revenue and profitability
  • Maximize the value of demand during peak travel times

Rainmaker's solution is the only revenue management system that considers Total Customer Value when determining optimal availability conditions. Total Customer Value includes not only hotel revenues, but potential revenue from gaming, food and beverage, spa, and other significant profit centers. The system also analyzes and factors in forecasted demand from local influences such as holidays and city-wide events to recommend optimized rates for each guest segment.

About The Rainmaker Group

The Rainmaker Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner software and consulting services company that provides profit optimization for over 100,000 rooms in the gaming and hospitality industries. Rainmaker designs, develops, implements, and supports the system solution, which maximizes total guest profitability for operators of casino hotels and other hospitality enterprises. The company enables clients to identify and maintain availability for their most profitable revenue sources through revenue management implementations. The Rainmaker Group helps casino hotels increase profitability through the accurate, instantaneous ability to determine the minimum acceptable value of each guest. This increases client profitability by securing the most valuable customers and developing more effective business processes.

About EZYield.com

Since introducing the world's first automated channel management solution in 2002, EZYield.com has remained the undisputed leader in online distribution technology for the global hospitality industry. Today, 3,500 hotels in 92 countries utilize EZYield.com's award-winning, advanced channel management software to streamline the distribution of rates and inventory to 500 forward distribution channels in multiple languages and 168 currencies. EZYield.com's web-based platform and mobile friendly solutions are designed to give control of online distribution back to the hotelier, with products dynamic and flexible enough to satisfy properties ranging from 4 to 4,000 rooms. EZYield.com maintains regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the America's, in order to provide continuous live support to their clients around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.ezyield.com.