The Rainmaker Group is the market leader in profit optimization solutions for the Gaming & Hospitality and Multifamily Housing industries. Rainmaker leverages cutting-edge research in order to bring customers the most sophisticated solutions to their revenue management and profit optimization challenges. Adopted by industry leaders and niche players alike, Rainmaker's software products provide clients a strategic advantage in achieving the highest profitability from their assets.

At Rainmaker, it is not just our sophisticated and innovative software that has allowed us to gain market leadership and client loyalty. It is also our deep experience and expertise, our belief in hiring from within the industries we serve, our emphasis on continuous research and innovation, and our fierce commitment to serving customers.

Our passion is to listen to our customers and deliver quality revenue optimization solutions that provide quantifiable value. We do this as one team of amazing individuals, united by a belief that by working hard and working together, we can succeed in a most spectacular way.

The video below offers a peek into who we are as a company and some of our customers' beliefs about us.  See also more on Our Culture and Core Values.

What Our Clients are Saying

Marlene Best

Howell Bridge Apartments

Using LRO to simplify work and set daily lease prices

Let it rain it pour.